Not Without Her Children

Like most women Mandy just wanted a normal, simple, happy life.

But for fifteen years it would be turned upside down.

By a monster.

The man she once loved.

Faked suicide,

Attempted kidnapping of their children to India,

Domestic violence,

Defrauding the Dutch Ice Aged child protection system,

Abuse of international law.

To fight for a new life in Australia with her children,

Mandy digs deep inside of herself.

Fighting every step of the way.

Fighting for her children.

Her reason for living. Her everything.

‘Not Without Her Children’ is a novel based on a true story, to be published in August 2020 (Read the first chapter by clicking the golden link at the top left). The board of Austin Macauley Publishers stated,

‘Having read all the reports and taken note of the editor’s opinions, we can safely say that we found it to be an enthralling and poignant narrative. Through vivid and captivating prose, readers are drawn into this extraordinary and harrowing story which will touch many readers and may give strength and support to those who have, or are facing, similar circumstances. The Board commented on the ambitious scope of her writing and believe that ‘Not Without Her Children’ will be well received by a contemporary audience. A truly powerful and aspirational read. 

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About Mandy


Mandy had a lot of experiences in life which helped her transform and navigate the situations she faced. It started in her youth, where she grew up in Malawi, Africa, raised by a coercive father and a suppressed mother. So far, within three years, she has successfully immigrated and assimilated into Australian society and rebuilt her educational management career.

Author David Hull

David Hull, author of ‘Born again’, selflessly supported Mandy throughout the writing of her novel NWHC, editing every chapter for the past two years. Many thanks to David!

For Women by Women

An initiative from Frankie Banks, Coming soon, a book containing short stories written by strong women. Mandy Mason contributed with her short story.

Frankie Banks has been marvelous in giving fresh insights and advise towards Mandy’s novel.

Sometimes in life we have to go two steps backwards, before moving forward again. Mandy came to Australia with sole custody, lost it and after regaining it, her present legal position is stronger than ever. Giving up her educational management career in the Netherlands was not an easy step, neither was going back to a teaching position in Australia. However, in the end Mandy obtained a Principal position in Australia.

In the Netherlands Mandy is part of a support group which aims to transform the child support system. The committee would like to see an acknowledgement of the coercive violence within child protection organizations and pleads for better child focused perspectives in parental disputes. They want to revolutionize the way cases such as Mandy’s are managed and advocate for greater care of the children.


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